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GENE 225:
Venture Capital

Instructors for this course:

Michael Snyder, PhD
Stanford W. Ascherman, MD, FACS, Professor in Genetics

Ronjon Nag, PhD
Interdisciplinary Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow
Director, R42 Longevity Fund

Anastasiya Giarletta
Principal, R42 Fund
Gene 225 Teaching Assistant

How are healthcare startups financed? Venture funds invest in risky companies but how do they themselves get funded, and how do they evaluate companies? How do company founders prepare for capital raising? How does intellectual property play? We explain both from the investor and founder viewpoints to analyze how to a) start a venture capital fund; b) present a healthcare company to a venture fund. We discuss financial frameworks specifically for the healthcare sector and how it differs to other segments. Additionally, guest lectures from venture capitalists, angel investors, and company founders will explain their respective perspectives.


Schedule for Gene 225

2020-2021 Spring

GENE 225 | 2-3 units | Class # 34621 | Section 01 | Grading: Medical Option (Med-Ltr-CR/NC) | LEC | Session: 2020-2021 Spring 1 | Remote: Synchronous | Students enrolled: 70

03/29/2021 – 06/04/2021 Wed 4:50 PM – 6:40 PM at Remote with Nag, R. (PI); Snyder, M. (PI)
Instructors: Nag, R. (PI); Snyder, M. (PI)
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