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GENE 225:
Venture Capital

Instructors for this course:

Michael Snyder, PhD
Stanford W. Ascherman, MD, FACS, Professor in Genetics

Ronjon Nag, PhD
Adjunct Professor in Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine
Director, R42 Longevity Fund

Anastasiya Giarletta
Principal, R42 Fund
Gene 225 Teaching Assistant


  • How are healthcare startups financed? Venture funds invest in risky companies but how do they themselves get funded, and how do they evaluate companies? How do company founders prepare for capital raising?
  • How does intellectual property play? We explain both from the investor and founder viewpoints to analyze how to a) start a venture capital fund; b) present a healthcare company to a venture fund.
  • We discuss financial frameworks specifically for the healthcare sector and how it differs to other segments. Additionally, guest lectures from venture capitalists, angel investors, and company founders will explain their respective perspectives.


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Spring 2021 Papers

Investing in Global Health Innovations: A Decision-Making Framework

Andrew Barnett
Applying Precision Medicine to Long-Term Care Insurance


Kate Buellesbach
It’s a Woman’s World: Femtech for the 21st Century

Kellyann Burlage
Venture Opportunities in Women’s Health: Closing the Gender Health Gap


Cam Burton
Shifting Incentives: Exploring the future of Personalized medicine In the biotechnology industry

Pam Cai
Comparison of the investment size and returns in tech vs. biotech companies

Skyler Castillo-Wilson
Alternative Advanced Degree Funding Model for Accelerated Research and Discounted Equity Rates

Ben Conrad
Medicare Advantage: Understanding the Program & Two New Innovative Upstarts

Caroline Dunn


Jacob Edelson
CRISPR Start-ups that Pivoted to COVID-19 Testing

Areian Eghball
Mental Health Thesis Making sense of a crowded space


Ahmed Elbakri
Regulatory Planning and Budgeting for the Commercialization of AI-Enabled Rapid Diagnostics Platforms – A Guide for Diagnostics Entrepreneurs

Christopher Fisher
Medical Device Innovations – A review of founder and investor perspectives

Grace Catherine Benoist Fish
2021 Venture Capital Opportunities in the Mental Healthcare Space

Nicolas Garcia
Funding The “Full-Stack” Doctor – The role VC can play in the Healthcare of the Future


Betty Ha
2020s The Age of Biotech

Stephanie Huang
The Roaring 20’s as the decade of biotech

Sanjay Iyer
The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health

Kathy Ku
Recents Trends in Women’s Health Consumer Brands

Esmond Lee
How universities can Bridge the Biotech Valley of Death for Cell & Gene Therapies

PJ Loury
Liquid Biopsy: Integral to the next generation of cancer treatment?

Ricardo Jacob Mack

The Relationship of Healthcare Affordability and Biotech Industry

Angel Madero
Healthcare and Biotech in Latin America

Ben Marafino
Growing diseconomies of scale in pharmaceutical R&D productivity and manufacture will likely compound “payer-reluctance risk” for novel therapeutics

Vincent Masto
SPACs in biotech are here to stay


Samson Joel Mataraso
Incentivizing Investment in Antibiotic Development to Tackle Rising Antibiotic Resistance

Yanick Mulumba
The role of patents in valuation of biotech companies: A case study

Floriane Ngako Kameni
Investing in Health Equity

Brandon Nydick

Evaluating Medical Device Startups: A Quantitative Framework for Venture Capitalists

Pettie Kade Ploussard
ML-guided biomolecule evolution companies are more numerous than they appear

Megan Roche, MD
Women in Venture Capital: How Underrepresentation Impacts Business And Society



Sarah Runkle
“We’re Not a Vitamin Company, We’re a Tech Company”
A memo for investors considering the supplements space

Jarod Rutledge
An Investment Assessment of Emerging Science in Longevity Biotechnology

Donya Sarrafian

IP Protection & the Case for 100 Year Patents



Value-Based Pharmaceutical Pricing:
A Framework for Addressing High Drug Costs


Youngyoon Amy Seo

Incyte Corporation: A venture capitalist’s dream


Shannon Kayj

Creating Biological Systems Overview


Diva Sharma

Healthcare Financing Companies Need A More Contrarian Approach to Scale Quicker


M. T.

Optimizing the Clinical Trial 

Joan E. Thompson
Gender Imbalance in Healthcare Venture Capitol:
Reviewing Market Perspectives on Arbitage & Parity


Zach Walters

Precision Medicine and Mental health


Victor Yin
Hong Kong Biotech IPOs

Yihui Zhang
Funding for Cure: A Scoring Framework to Invest the Best Science



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