We are excited to share papers resulting from our groundbreaking & innovative courses covering Aging: Science and Technology for Longevity, and Healthcare Venture Capital.

GENE 225:
Healthcare Venture Capital

How are healthcare startups financed? Venture funds invest in risky companies but how do they themselves get funded, and how do they evaluate companies?

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GENE 223:
Aging – Science and Technology for Longevity

We will look at the biology of aging, transitioning from the molecular level through to the cellular and systems level. What are age-related diseases, can lifespan be extended and are centenarians different?

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Vaccine Microsampling

COVID-19  Study

We hope to learn more about COVID-19 through monitoring of molecules  using multi-omics profiling.

Pac-12 Stanford Wearables Research Study

Crohn’s Exposome
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This study investigates the role of human exposome in Crohn’s disease using wearable sensors and multiomics profiling.






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