Research on Autoimmune Disease Activity and Relapse

RADAR is a remote study for adults with autoimmune disease.

About this study

Many individuals with autoimmune disease experience transient exacerbations of symptoms, called flares.

Radar is a study focused on discovery of molecular and digital biomarkers that can anticipate and track disease flares.

We are looking for Adults 18 and over with any diagnosis below:


rheumatoid arthritis


systemic lupus erythematosus


multiple sclerosis

What the Study Involves

Fill out online surveys

Home collection of arm prick blood samples

Measure sleep, activity, and heart rate with wearables

A Fitbit smartwatch and microsampling kit will be provided to you.



No charge will be applied if the devices are lost or broken.


You will be asked to return the devices at the end of the study.

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