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COVID-19 Wearables Study

If eligible, we will provide you with an Empatica wristband and 30 days of FREE COVID-19 at-home test kits. We are looking for participant volunteers over 13 years old, who have never tested positive, and have a high risk of getting COVID-19 because of:

  • high-risk jobs, such as health care workers, grocery workers, teachers and students on campus, restaurant and small business employees, etc.
  • living with someone who is at high risk of exposure to virus.
  • If you are not eligible, or if you already own a wearable device, you may be eligible for this study: innovations.stanford.edu/wearables 

About the Study

This 30-day study aims to understand if an Empatica wristband can be used to track infectious diseases like COVID-19. The study team at Stanford has previously shown that wearables data such as heart rate (HR) can be used for early detection of infectious disease, even before the appearance of symptoms.  

The study team will collect data such as heart rate levels, skin temperature, EDA/Skin conductance levels, acceleration, and other processed data derived from smartwatch sensors.

Download Empatica mobile app and share your wearables data with study team.

Collect saliva samples remotely every day to check if you have COVID-19.

Complete a short daily symptoms survey via email.

Provide pulse oximeter data daily, possibly at rest and around the same time.

Email us at: covid19_empatica@stanford.edu
Participant’s rights questions: +1 (866) 680-2906

Study devices will be provided.

An Empatica smartwatch and a pulse oximeter device will be provided to you. You will be asked to return the devices at the end of the study. No charge will be applied if the devices are lost or broken.

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