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December 2022 highlights from our Antarctica blog.
See data sample results from the epic expedition: 


NASA Twins Study

Nasa Twins Study

NASA’s Twins Study Results Published in Science Journal

NASA recognizes the Twins Study as the first study of its kind to compare molecular profiles of identical twin astronauts, and a methodology to integrate research from the ten teams was established. Because identical twins share the same genetic makeup, twin studies provide a way for scientists to explore how our health is impacted by the environment around us, independent of the physical variations that naturally occur between most of us as individuals. Scott provided a test case to measure in space, and Mark provided a baseline test case to compare those measurements on Earth.
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Antarctica Expedition

Antactica Expedition:  The 4,200 Kilometer Kite-Ski Journey across the Antarctic

The 4,200 Kilometer Kite-Ski Journey, a collaboration with NASA and the European Space Agency.
Using parasail kites for locomotion in the windy Antarctic environment, and towing their equipment on ~200 kilogram sleds attached to their waists, two expedition members journey across the most inhospitable terrain on the planet.
Insights from expedition members will provide real-world examples to improve personalized stress tracking even in extreme environments.

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